Our Approach

Your business is most valuable for you. You know that you are the best, but do not know how to bring it to the consumer. We will help you to accurately identify your target audience, to articulate your core values and to define the essence of the brand and its positioning, as well as to establish a system of verbal and visual communications. We will create a unique brand that will reflect the character and history of your company and the competitive advantages of the product value.

We do not consider our clients as important and not important ones: our professional team works on any project, regardless of the scope of tasks. We are like-minded fellows and partners taking into account the opinion of the client’s marketing department. We are most interested in the growth of our client’s business, which gives us an opportunity to work within the framework of long-term partnership contracts. We can deal with the branding and advertising projects and deliver purely technical services on a regular basis.

We have gained rich experience in different types of brand-building for Russian and international companies. Our expertise in the field of consumer and retail branding helps us to effectively launch new brands to the market, to create new SKUs, and it includes the development of packaging and any other types of advertisement for food retail.

We are experts in creating design for promotional campaigns in retail outlets (key visuals, POSmaterials, promotional packaging, etc.). In corporate branding, we specialize in developing brand identity systems and promotional material designs.


Our History

Charsky studio was founded in 2010 by designer Yevgeny Charsky (in 2002-2009, he was co-founder and art director of Agency MANUFACTURA) as a small design studio within the DIXI advertisement and production company. For over several years the studio has grown and expanded its services and it is now capable to offer a full range of services in consumer, corporate and retail branding.


Our Awards

Many of Charsky studio’s projects have received awards at prestigious advertising competitions and festivals, including:


Our Team

Our team consists of true professionals, as well as a friendly bunch of like-minded people.

Evgeniy Charskiy

Studio Founder, Creative Director

«We are working».

Lubov Pavlova

Strategic Planning and Marketing Director

«A correctly chosen strategy allows us to see the future».

Alesha Ossipenko

Chef of Studio

«You increase your chances of success if you think twice».

Dmitry Izotov

Lead Art Director

«Good design helps a product to be clear».

Maya Molchanova

Director of Development

«Faith in yourself! Faith in what you do! Faith in success!».

Anton Nazariev

Art Director

«The impossible is refutable!»

Ekaterina Voronina

Art Director

«Design is not just profession it is a life attitude!»

Nikolay Piskurev

Chef Designer

«Business before pleasure».

Natalia Romashkova

Creative Designer

«You can get tree different replies to your design — yes, no and WOW. WOW is what you should strive».

Eduard Khairutdinov

Creative Designer

«Graphic design saves the world, not rock n’ roll».

Anna Kuznetsova

Creative Designer

«The right design solves the problem instead of making it».

Feodor Pitsounov


«Every word matters».

Oleg Alyakrinsky


«The work will still be there tomorrow... If you don’ do it today!»

Sergey Kosov

Head of Technical Design

«Making up even what is lost».

Rodion Demochkin

Technical Designer

«Nature is the best designer in the world. You’d better be closer to nature!»

Vladimir Tereshonok

Technical Designer

«Work on the result and the result will work for you!»

Yulia Grineva

Head of Client Service

«Deadlines? Challenge accepted!»

Olga Nikiforova

Project Manager

«The client is always a friend!»

Elizaveta Petrova

Project Manager

«In the account manager’s triangle, I feel right at home: clear brief, good estimate, right time».

Daria Lapshina

PR Manager

«I give support... Informational».

Petr Komlev