Since 2010, Charsky studio, founded by a Russian designer Yevgeniy Charsky, has been daily launching new brands to the market, creating new SKUs of the existent brands, developing advertising communications and promo campaign designs. We deal in branding, creative work, graphic design and digital-communications that are aimed to bring business solutions.

Our every client is our partner, and we prefer to collaborate with each in a single team, hearing and listening to each other. This approach has been appreciated by many companies, such as Unilever, Johnson & Johnson, Nestle, Alfa Bank, Rosatom and many others, all in all over 170 companies. Our projects are voted for by both consumers (in growing sales) and the advertising establishment (in awarding us with industrial prizes and festival awards, like Epica Awards, ADCR Russia, POPAI Russia, Red Apple, KIAF, etc.)

For us, design is not beautiful pictures, but an effective means to convey information about your brand to consumers. To prevent such information from being an “empty bag”, every creative concept is to be based on our expertise of your target audience, your brand values and positioning used either in a complex project on creating a brand from scratch, or in an ad hoc development of a promo packaging design.

What is our team? They are imaginative “fiery-eyed” professionals who are eager to bring exciting results. Please, meet them: 

Evgeniy Charskiy

Studio Founder, Creative Director

«We are working».

Lubov Pavlova

Strategic Planning and Marketing Director

«A correctly chosen strategy allows us to see the future».

Nikolay Piskurev

Chef Designer

«Business before pleasure».

Anton Nazariev

Art Director

«The impossible is refutable!»

Ekaterina Voronina

Art Director

«Design is not just profession it is a life attitude!»

Natalia Romashkova

Creative Designer

«You can get tree different replies to your design — yes, no and WOW. WOW is what you should strive».

Maria Pechkurenko

Creative Designer

«People ignore the design that ignores people».

Yevgenia Solomentseva

Creative Designer

«A good design is like mathematics: it is esthetical, logical, and there's nothing random in it».

Anna Kuznetsova

Creative Designer

«The right design solves the problem instead of making it».

Feodor Pitsounov


«Every word matters».

Oleg Alyakrinsky


«The work will still be there tomorrow... If you don’ do it today!»

Rodion Demochkin

Technical Designer

«Nature is the best designer in the world. You’d better be closer to nature!»

Vladimir Tereshonok

Technical Designer

«Work on the result and the result will work for you!»

Daria Makurina

Project Manager

«If you want to be successful in business, try to understand what is going on in people's mind and makes them behave in such a way, not otherwise».

Varvara Martsishevskaya

Account Manager

«Best ideas come as jokes. Let your thinking be as cheerful as can be».

Olga Nikiforova

Project Manager

«The client is always a friend!»

Daria Lapshina

PR Manager

«I give support... Informational».

Petr Komlev



Maxim Gorbachev

Traffic Manager

«...One after another, almost continuously».