All the Roads Lead to the Park: Navigation in Gorky Park

Logo and Corporate Identity
Gorky Park

Brand: Gorky Park
Project: Gorky Park’s Navigation System
Year: 2017

The Project’s Purpose
Gorky Park has long become a benchmark among Russian parks, which is a point of reference for many and which is often regarded as an example. With a huge number of different objects — architectural, sports and entertainment — Gorky Park is the centre of attraction for hundreds of thousands of visitors. But until recently, the Park did not have a single navigation system, and to navigate its vast territory was not easy, indeed. The management of the Park asked our Studio to improve the situation.

It was important that the navigation system would, first of all, organically fit into the style variety of the Park’s facilities (from the Soviet architectural heritage to the current ultra-modern art), and secondly, help visitors quickly find the right point.

What has been done
We proposed a comprehensive design solution for information and navigation stands, shopping pavilions, rental points and floor navigation, which visually united and regularized the Park’s space.

The work began with analytics — with a study of what kind of navigation system is really needed by visitors to the Park. As a result of the research, it turned out that it is important for them to have a map of the entire territory before their eyes in order to locate their “you are here” point vis-à-vis objects of interest. It was clear that the existing map of the Park, rendered in the isometric projection, is not very convenient from this point of view, though visually pleasing. Therefore, the navigation system was based on a functional vertical layout, whose aesthetic qualities were defined by typography.

Then, a modular construction set was developed, which organically interacts with different architectural objects. All navigation carriers combine active powerful verticals and horizontals, with a contrastive thin steel diagonal and a large field for information.

Special attention was given to the system of pictograms that are used in the basic map and floor navigation. We tried to make our pictograms as laconic as possible, but at the same time interesting and distinctive in style.

Креативный директор: 
Evgeniy Charskiy
Anton Fedorov
Ekaterina Voronina
Anton Nazaryev
Ekaterina Voronina
Rostom Chichyants
Elizaveta Petrova