Branding for the Advanced Development Territory Khabarovsk

Logo and Corporate Identity
TOP "Khabarovsk"

Brand: The Advanced Development Territory “Khabarovsk”
Project: Development of the corporate style for the industrial complex
Year: 2017

The project’s purpose
The territory of advanced development "Khabarovsk" is a platform created for the placement of various production companies. Its main features are: its own raw material base and favorable conditions for doing business.

The Studio was tasked to develop the corporate style of this industrial complex, which would draw attention of potential residents, heads of Russian and international companies, and would reflect its key advantages: innovation, consistency and strict organization processes.

What has been done
We developed the logo and corporate identity of the Territory, and described in detail the rules of its use in the brand book.

The visual brand identity reflects its character as young, ambitious and modern, but at the same time, strict, reserved, without a hint of "hipster-like" style. The brand is aimed at the audiences of major economic forums, attended by key target audiences of the complex — big business and representatives of development institutions.

The logo and color scheme appeal to the symbols of Khabarovsk, emphasize the vicinity of the complex to the city and respect to its history. Clear graphics and "straightforwardness" of the style convey the ideas of innovation, functionality and consistency. Thus, the corporate identity reflects the Territory’s ample potential of the future development, based on what already exists.

Креативный директор: 
Evgeniy Charskiy
Ekaterina Voronina
Eduard Hayrutdinov
Технический дизайн: 
Andrey Filatov
Elizaveta Petrova