IT WON’T HURT! Redesigning Pentalgin® analgesic gel

OTC pharm

Brand: Pentalgin®
Project: Redesigning package of Pentalgin® analgesic Extra gel
Year: 2018

The project’s purpose
Pentalgin® Extra gel is an analgesic medicine for external use only, with the unique composition of five ingredients.  This product was launched to the market recently; however, it was clear after the launch that the design of its package is too far away from the mother brand’s style.  The Studio was asked to carry out the redesign.

What has been done
We developed the gel’s package redesign that emphasized its continuity with the mother brand. Therefore, we ensured the product’s recognizability on the shelf, as the Pentalgin® range is the analgesic market’s leader.

The updated design reflects such features of the brand like reliability, efficacy and strength. Besides, the new package clearly conveys the functional features of the medicine – thanks to the saturated color, neat icons that illustrate the areas of the medicine’s usage, and precise information claims. Silver embossing stresses that the product is in the “average-plus” price category.

Креативный директор: 
Evgeniy Charskiy
Dmitry Izotov
Natalia Romashkova
Технический дизайн: 
Sergey Kosov
Elizaveta Petrova