Malyutka cereals as a symbol of love


Nutricia Company asked the Studio to redesign its baby food brand Malyutka’s line: «Growing Up in Sleep», «Rice Kasha», «Milky’n’Juicy», «Corn Kasha» and «For the Big Ones». Malyutka baby food is a highly popular brand in the Russian market. Cereal and dry formula packages should be bright and tender, while attracting mom’s attention. Positive images of babies are used as key visuals, thus making the package emotionally appealing. The brand zone has kept its previous placement and has been given added expressive look thanks to the heart image, which can be recognized by every Mom as a symbol of love.

The front side now bears the bullet points enumerating the product’s benefits, which enhanced the package’s informativity. The claim, which is stylized to look as a seal of approval, informs that the product’s quality has been approved by experts. As a result, the product now is more attractive and expertly-looking, thus encouraging consumer’s trust.

Креативный директор: 
Evgeniy Charskiy
Ekaterina Ignatieva
Julia Eshkina
Alyosha Osipenko