A series of key visuals for “Chistaya Liniya” brand of Unilever company

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The Unilever company, one of the world’s leaders on the market of food products and household chemicals is Charsky studio’s regular partner.

One of the Unilever’s hair care brand «Chistaya Liniya» fully reflects the natural care concept. In the framework of this ideology The Studio has developed a series of key visuals for the advertising campaign of separate brand products and also a promo called «Save the nature together».

As part of corporate identity and given references we have developed an image of the product with chamomile extract. The main visual accent was made on the product ingredients.

The main task of the key visual with nettles was to emphasize the auspicious effect of the ingredient on hair. The «face» of the brand, provided by the client, was taken as the basis of the image.

As a result of key visual creation and placement campaign on different city media, the «Chistaya Liniya» brand, once again, has confirmed its reputation of a product for which the natural care is the main priority.

Креативный директор: 
Evgeniy Charskiy
Dmitry Izotov
Nikolay Piskurev
Eduard Hayrutdinov
Технический дизайн: 
Andrey Filatov
Igor Stolpovsky
Yulia Grineva