The Unknown South Africa

Masterskaya PR

The Studio was assigned by Masterskaya PR agency that promoted travel packages to the South Africa in the Russian tourist market. We were required to create a very unusual design of a publication advertising the region. After conducting a preliminary analysis of the market, we decided to abandon the banal format of a travel guide. Thus was born the idea to do a variation on the theme of an old geographic magazine, while trying to convey in its visual style the very spirit of the Black Continent.

The magazine was printed from high zinc printing plates on the old linotype machines dating back to 1930-50s, and on an ancient «Heidelberg» (1905) at the Tver Printing House. None of 1,500 copies are alike: each is unique and as it were lives its own life (some lines «dance away», in some places the letters fall out, sheets are soiled with paint stains, etc.). That’s why the text sometimes looks African-wise — «wild and untamed». In addition, the text can even be touched, because it has volume and relief. The magazine’s yet another special feature are its illustrations in black-and-white graphics imitating the old comics style, and color drawings in the style of African art.

The project won the bronze prize at the international competition Epica Awards.

The project was implemented for Manufactura Agency.

Креативный директор: 
Evgeniy Charskiy
Evgeniy Charskiy
Roman Fofanov
Технический дизайн: 
Ingrid Struenze