The key directions of our work are branding, creative and graphic design. You can find the sample cases for each of these in our Portfolio.

We are happy to work with projects of different scale and complexity in different market segments. In order to see what we can offer your company, please, write to: or call: +7 (499) 450 58 33. Address and detailed coordinates on the link.



  • Brand consulting (audit of brand attributes, brand platform development, development of communication brand strategy)
  • Development of brand positioning
  • Naming (company’s brand name)
  • Logo design / redesign of existing brand logo
  • Design of corporate identity
  • Development of brand book and technical guidelines
  • Development of packaging and labels
  • Development of SKU design, design adaptation for product lines
  • Development of promotional packaging and gift sets
  • Development of POSmaterials design
  • Development of brand advertising communications
  • Development of navigation systems, development of unique icons
  • Development of small architectural forms
  • Development of interior and exterior brand communciations
  • Design of exhibition areas
  • Development of event-branding elements
  • Design and programming of corporate and promo websites
  • Copywriting



  • Development of advertising campaigns
  • Creation of key visuals
  • Creation of slogans
  • Creation of body texts
  • Development of layouts for outdoor advertising
  • Creation of scripts for commercials


Graphic design

  • Design and layout of multi-page publications: books, catalogs, brochures, booklets
  • Development of calendar designs
  • Development of gift wrapping
  • Printing on demand design (billboards, posters, postcards, etc.)
  • Design of leaflets and flyers
  • Development of unique corporate gifts and souvenirs
  • Creation of illustrations: paintings, drawings, photography, combined technique
  • Art projects