The long summer with AXE

Print ads

AXE is a global brand of deodorants for men, which belongs to Unilever. The studio has repeatedly worked with this brand, and it was only logical that the client requested us to develop the key visual for its autumn promo campaign.

It was assumed that the promo action would be held in August-October, and based on its results, consumers who purchased new AXE deodorants could win a trip to the sea. Considering the identity and brand values and the principles of its visual communication the studio developed the KV in the luxury style, which combined the images of a vacation in the tropical paradise. At the same time, the KV smartly conveyed the call to action: to make the summer last with AXE, so even during the autumn one could feel the aroma of a fleeting hot day and the anticipation of a hot night. This idea was rendered by a simple and clear slogan.

On the basis of the KV we developed a series of layouts for print media and other vehicles (displays, wobblers, holders, flyers etc.)

Креативный директор: 
Evgeniy Charskiy
Dmitry Izotov
Diana Tamarova
Nikolay Piskurev
Eduard Hayrutdinov
Технический дизайн: 
Andrey Filatov
Rodion Dyomochkin
Olga Nikiforova